Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Walk

I believe that walking your dog is very important. Even before I had heard of Cesar Millan I had thought that walking my dog changed my day. If I was having a BAD day and I put everything aside, walking out the door with my dog, could change my out look immediately.

The dog I had then was a "Pound Puppy" that was so happy go lucky she made friends with EVERYONE in the neighborhood. I remember one time I was walking her and a neighbor of ours came walking out to her mail box and greeted me. I stopped to talk with her. Lilly was wandering around sniffing and looking and checking out the bushes. Suddenly the neighbor got anxious and said she better get back because her dog Smokey was coming. I told her not to worry, he and Lilly were great friends.

We walked by there all the time and Smokey would run down the hill to make sure we were doing what we should be =) The neighbor was shocked to see him bound up to Lilly, wagging his stumpy tail, obviously happy to see her.

She would wag her big fluffy tail like a Peace Flag and dogs would lower their tails and their ears and instead of fighting they would just greet her.

Our Lilly

I walk my dogs every day. Most often twice a day. We walk the boys to school in the morning and then walk to school in the afternoon to pick them up. Then we walk down to the city park and play with our Wubbas while the boys play at the park. This exercise helps EVERYONE to sleep well at night. It's good for the dogs emotionally and physically and it's good for the boys emotionally and physically. And CERTAINLY it's good for ME! (I've lost more than 10 pounds since we moved to Ennis!!)

Snuggley, well exercised puppies!

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