Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So far we've worked on Gentry learning his name. By that I mean, when I say his name he looks at me. Or even comes to me. To encourage that I make sure to give him a treat whenever he does either. I say, "Gentry" in a happy voice, he looks and usually bounds over to me and POP a treat goes into his mouth.

Here he comes!

I haven't really introduced "come" as a command yet. Of course my little Shorkie, Angus, knows this one. I taught it to him when he was just a baby. I would say, "Angus, come!" in a happy voice and whenever he came he got a treat. If he ran to me happily, then he got more than one treat. He learned that FAST. Now he comes at high speed whenever I call him, which of course has helped Gentry come as well. As Angus got older sometimes he would get a treat and sometimes he would just get a "good boy" and a lot of petting.

One thing I never do is get angry at either dog for not coming. If they don't come the first time I call, then I do something interesting, like play with one of their toys, or hide myself. This usually has them looking for attention very quick. Then I say "good boy!" and give them a treat. That way they always think that coming to me is wonderful.

I can't wait to start taking lessons with Gentry in Bozeman. I hope they start soon!!

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