Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am OBSESSED with collars and leashes. I can't stop looking at them, bookmarking them, wanting them.

I want leather...
This one can be found at Bold Lead Desings. Gorgeous isn't it!?

Then I love martingale style collars...

I bought mine at Trendy Hound.

I am always shopping, looking to see the latest colors, styles, ect. I tell myself that I need a Traffic Lead (super short for walking tall dogs in the heel position) then I need a 4 foot lead, then I'll need a 6 foot leash. Really it all gets ridiculous!

What I have:
A beautiful Martingale Collar and a soft 6 foot hemp leash from Earth Dog. And they both suit us just fine. Amazingly I find that I don't actually NEED any of the other things... I just WANT them =)

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