Friday, February 26, 2010


I have an aversion to the word "Come". So I don't really use it.

When I want Gentry to be beside me I say "With Me." This means come be beside me, on the left hand side of me. This command is issued when we are walking or when he is off sniffing and I want him back to me. When he does it he gets a treat. Every time. SO, he loves to be "With Me."

As we walk along, if he is "With Me" he gets a treat, sometimes three or four. I like him to sit when I stop walking. If he offers this to me without me asking for it, he gets a treat. He offers the sit A LOT. In fact he will just walk up to me and sit neatly in front of me ALL THE TIME. If I have something that he desperately wants to see, he will sit quietly, in hopes that I will show it to him.

Today it was this that he NEEDED to see, smell, lick and nudge...

He was so VERY gentle and sweet with the puppies. He sat quietly, with just his tail wagging and wagging with joy. What an absolutely wonderful dog I am blessed with!!

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