Friday, February 12, 2010

The Secret Life of Dogs

I found this video on another Dog Blog that I watch. It's fascinating!

It's amazing what they have discovered about dogs and how they think. It's really worth an hour of your time to sit down and watch this.

The Secret Life of Dogs.

Oh! And I clipped Gentry last night. He has been way too hot, panting and having a hard time getting comfortable. So I clipped him with a #5 skip tooth blade after carefully brushing him with the pin brush and then combing through his hair with a Greyhound comb. I clipped his body abd left hair on the top of his head, his legs and his tail. THEN we hopped into the bath tub. FUN! I was soaked even more so than the dogs =) After the bath I brushed Gentry and blow dried his hair with my little hair dyer. It worked alright. I think he looks great!

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